Gambol 2019






ANYONE FANCY A GAMBOL ??????????????

Fri May 10th to Sun 12th 2019


Greetings all Bears

We are about to embark upon organising our next Sporting Bears Touring Event from the Fat Lamb and invite all members,old and new, to register their interest in joining us in a Spring Gambol around the Fells and Dales of Northern England.  Our sixth Gambolling event, we are calling this tour “The Swinging Sixties Gambol” thereby providing the tour with both a name and a theme for the weekend – including the fancy dress on Saturday night.

The tour will celebrate the Swinging Sixties (from a time when the term swinging didn’t have its current darker connotation – we don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression here, there’ll be no car keys dropped into the fruit bowl on this tour).

No, we will be stepping back to a more innocent time, with a planned tour on the Saturday of some of our more spectacular roads so that you can give the old girl a run out, and incorporating a visit to the seaside where we can all take an invigorating walk along the promenade, perhaps rolling up our trouser legs for a paddle in the briny before buying a stick of candyfloss and taking a quick snooze in the deckchair. Knotted handkerchiefs for the gentlemen and kiss me quick hats for the ladies.

On Sunday there will be a departure from the usual format, with a choice to either take the classic charabanc for a motoring free day or to take your own car on another scenic drive and rendezvous with us at the lunch time destination for our grand picnic

Centre of operations will be the Fat Lamb with signing on during Friday afternoon followed by a hot and cold buffet dinner on Friday night and a four course meal on the Saturday – which will of course also feature our sixties fancy dress evening, plus a little light fundraising of one form or another.

We have our twelve bedrooms available at The Fat Lamb as usual plus we have reserved the two rooms down at Stouphillgate plus their holiday cottage, as last year, which can take two couples – with the stipulation that the latter is taken for three nights and breakfast will have to be either self-catering or taken up here at The Fat Lamb with the rest of the group. 

We have however not been able to reserve any other overflow accommodation this year, so once these rooms are fully booked anyone wishing to join the tour will have to first find somewhere to stay before booking on the tour. (it would appear there is both a large wedding and a walking event which has resulted in many places being block booked for this particular weekend – although I strongly suspect rooms will become available nearer the time.)

Cost for the event including the buffet on Friday night, dinner on Saturday,  all tea/coffee/lunch stops on both days and sundry extras like rally plates, tour notes name badges etc  has been frozen at last year’s rate of £250.00 per couple. Accommodation at The Fat Lamb will be £105.00 per room per night. 10% of all accommodation and restaurant sales will be donated to the charity.

Interested parties please contact me here at The Fat Lamb first, either by phone on 01539623242 or e-mail to, to make your booking, and then complete the attached entry form.

Happy motoring



Entry forms available HERE